Soleus Air DP-1 70 Pint Dehumidifier Review

Designed with the capacity to remove 70 pints of water from the air in a day’s time, the Soleus Air DP-1 70 Pint dehumidifier is a hit with consumers committed to their health and home.
Excessive humidity levels can trigger multiple problems related to both one’s health and one’s home. Humidity is especially harmful for those individuals prone to allergy attacks and asthma.

Moist air is a home to microbes and dust-mites which have been identified as the main causes of setting off a host of ailments. Besides, damp air can also ruin one’s home and belongings by causing peeling of paint, rotting of wood and spoiling of furnishings. Therefore, investing in a high quality dehumidifier from a reputed manufacturer is a good way of improving the entire home environment in general.

The Soleus Air DP-1 70 Pint dehumidifieris particularly useful for use in damp basements and musty hallways. This is a powerful basement dehumidifier capable to making a serious commitment to purifying moisture-laden air in your home. This model is lightweight and equipped with integrated caters that make it easy to transport. Quiet operation and capable dehumidifying functionality makes the Soleus Air DP-1 70 Pint dehumidifier totally worth its price.

Soleus Air DP-1 70 Pint Dehumidifier Features and Review:

The unit comes with a full bucket indicator and audio alarm warning that indicates when it is time to clear out the collection bucket of water.
The Soleus Air DP-1 70 Pint dehumidifier uses the modern and environmentally viable refrigerant called R-410A for cooling
A digital humidistat that enables the user to set precise and accurate humidity controls. This makes the unit versatile for different weather conditions.
Integrated casters allow easy portability from one room to another thus offering enhanced convenience
The unit comes equipped with three alternative fan speeds that can be adjusted by means of convenient and easy-to-use electronic controls.
Timer settings can be adjusted from two to four hours after which the unit will automatically shut itself off. Perfect for saving energy!
The unit is designed for operation at temperatures right down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
The Soleus Air DP-1 70 Pint dehumidifier comes with an automatic defrost feature.
This is an energy-star product that means it has been certified for efficient energy consumption and can save upto 15 percent on energy savings.
Fitted handles for easy handling during transportation.
Over all, the Soleus Air DP-1 70 Pint dehumidifier is designed for maximum efficiency and power while saving you valuable dollars on energy bills. No wonder it has received a rating of 4.1 in 5 stars on Amazon. There are hardly any negative ones among almost fifty reviews that are submitted on the product. While a couple of people have said that the noise could be less, most have commented that in comparison to the other products in the market, the Soleus Air DP-1 70 Pint dehumidifier is very quiet. At just around $200, the price for it is very reasonable too. So, the Soleus Air DP-1 70 Pint dehumidifier can easily be recommended as a very reliable and functional product.

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