Envirocycle Composter Review

The popular Envirocycle Composter, also known as Envirocycle Original Composter Black, is an excellent product. It makes composting at home very easy. It is a closed unit, so you have no problems with bad smell. The Envirocycle Composter is really easy and convenient to use, suitable for both beginners and advanced users. The base is also used to collect compost tea (liquid fertilizer), which can be used for indoor plants, outdoor plants or lawn. However, due to its high concentration, it should be mixed with 10 parts of water.

The Envirocycle Composter has a wheeled base, which makes very easy to rotate. The drum itself has grip indentations so no extra tools are needed for rotation. Another advantage is that no additional space is needed when you rotate the Envirocycle Composter. Once the Envirocycle Composter is almost full, it is slightly more difficult to rotate. Some customers have bought a second unit so they get more compost and don’t need to fill the units completely. The latch panel is tight, so no problems with flies or smell. But some people find it a little bit difficult to open.

The Envirocycle Composter is made of durable material, 50% is post-consumer recycled plastic. The capacity of the Envirocycle Composter is 7 cubic feet. It comes assembled so all you need to do is to unpack the Envirocycle Composter and start using it. The size is fairly small, 21″ L x 21″ W x 30″ H, so can put the Envirocycle Composter almost anywhere.

You should rotate the Envirocycle Composter three times a week. For best results, do not fill it more than three quarters full. Try to maintain a 50/50 balance of green and brown material. For more on lawn mowers go to

The Envirocycle Composter comes with a 5-year warranty for the drum, 2-years for the base unit and 1-year all other parts. The Envirocycle Composter does not really have any parts that can break so you are unlikely to need the warranty.

– Nothing to assemble
– Wheeled Base, makes it easy to rotate
– Excellent composter

– Tougher to rotate once it gets full

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